Spring Cleaning Pro Tip

by | Mar 26, 2023

Many people ask what we as window cleaners use in our water to make the windows shine without streaks or smudges. Well, I’ll tell you our trade secret, drum roll please…. Sunlight or Dawn dish soap. Yes that’s it.

Dish soap is a light degreaser so eats through the dust & smudges when its agitated with the window cleaning applicator. Its not a heavy chemical either so its pretty good to use in places where client’s might have some odour sensitivities.

However it’s not just the soap that does the work but there is a method to squeegee off the glass so no streaks/smudges are left. So scrubbing your furry family member’s nose smudges off of your sliding glass door also requires it be squeegee’d off effectively. YouTube has videos of how to squeegee windows if you want to go it alone. Any pro window cleaner of course can help you as well.

Next Spring Cleaning Pro Tip- How to remove smokey grease from the BBQ off your windows.

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Tyler – McCoy’s Window Cleaning

ProTip - Dish Soap